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To purchase tickets for viewing of soccer match passes on a stadium;
To take on a tribune and sector of stadium the place, indicated in a ticket;
To use services of the booths located on a stadium, points of medical help, rest rooms and other;
To support a personally select soccer club (team), separate players and trainers by all unprohibited facilities and forms of conduct;
to get information on the course of events on a stadium, after his limits, and also in relation to competitions in other cities.


To observe a public peace and generally accepted codes of conduct;
To show untolerance to the violators of law and order;
To inform public agents, service safety and other officials about violators Governed, perfect and possible violations of law and order, persons and objects, which will cause suspicion;
Carefully to behave to the equipment and property of stadium and clubs (commands) which take part in a match;
To respect fans of other clubs (commands), footballers, officials, arbiters which serve a match;
To show respect to the national hymns, flags, to symbolism of the states, UEFA, FIFA, FFU, PFL and clubs (commands);
To execute the requirements of stewards, managers, representatives of organs of power and safety in relation to the observance of current legislation, Governed, instructions, and in the case of origin of extraordinary situation, requirements of plan of evacuation from a stadium.


Entrance on a stadium in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication and use of swizzles I/ili narcotic matters on territory of stadium;
Viewing of match in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, entrance on a stadium with any bottles, by missile or pyrotechnic devices or objects, explosive, ognestrel'nym and cold weapon, cartridges;
Casting on the soccer field, in footballers, trainers or audience, in their transport vehicles of some objects;
Kindling of torches or fires;
Use of rough filthy expressions, gestures, songs, political propaganda, and also application of threats and intimidation;
Propaganda of racism, discrimination of footballers, trainers, arbiters, other officials and audience on national signs or color of skin;
Output on the soccer field, in the place of location of commands, arbiters, delegate of match, rooms control stimulant, apartments for officials and lodge of VIP or other special apartments of stadium;
To damages of property and equipment of stadium, clubs (commands), footballers, officials and their transport vehicles.


Which accomplished persons to bring to the account violation Governed to responsibility in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
Organizers of competitions in the person of the authorized persons of stadium and/or soccer club of owner, the representatives of organs of internal affairs have a right to show out from a stadium a person who does not adhere to the requirements Governed and to make decision of not to skip of such person is relative on a stadium in the future.

Administration of football club "Vorskla"
Main administration of police department in the Poltava oblast
Month birthday