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Stadium: "Vorskla" (25 000 seats)
Address: Ukraine, 36000, Poltava, Maidan Nezalejnosti Sq., 16
Field sizes: 104x68 meters
1200 lux.

History of stadium:

  • In May 1913 in Poltava on the Sennoj area a sporting ground was opened, where the competitions of local soccer teams passed weekly. There is the stadium "Vorskla" on that place now.
  • 1924. The sporting ground passed "Spartak" to the sporting company.
  • 1925. The sporting ground passed to circuitous advice of trade unions.
  • 1926. Yet to beginning of season a sporting ground was barriered and places were built for an audience.
  • On Mays, 2, 1951 on the place of the sporting ground a new stadium "Urozhaj" with tribunes with 7500 seats was opened.
  • 1956. The stadium was renamed in "Kolgospnyk".
  • 1957. Before opening of soccer season a seating capacity on a south and north tribune was to 8500, western and east tribunes were built with the same seating capacity. Capacities of stadium to 17000 seats were increased.
  • 1962. At the end of the year the next reconstruction proceeding to the end of May 1963 began.
  • 1963. The name of the stadium changed into "Kolos".
  • 1968 year. The next reconstruction of the stadium, which proceeded six years, began. After that the main arena of the city began to contain a 32000 audience.
  • On October 7, 1970. The first match passed at lamplight.
  • 1990. The stadium got its present name "Vorskla".
  • 1995. Beginning of the new stage of reconstruction of tribunes and lighting system.
  • 1996. Reconstruction of the soccer field and apartments: locker rooms, judge room, and office of club.
  • 1997. Setting of the system of electric heating of the soccer field, opening of the restaurant "Vorskla".
  • 1998. Setting of electronic board, replacement wooden seats with individual plastic seats input in the action of VIP-seats and the informative center.
  • 1999. Re-equipment of junior sport school of Olympic reserve on territory of stadium.
  • 2000. The update of the facade of stadium "Vorskla".
  • 2006. Creation of VIP-seats with extensible new windows.
  • 2008. The stadium got a new name, and now carries the name of one of the founders of world Olympic movement, our countryman Alexei Butovskij. Preparation to conducting of the Super Cup of Ukraine in football between teams «Shakhter» (Donetsk) – «Dinamo» (Kiev), which took place on 15 July. An update of the facade and the bowl of stadium. Setting of a new ultra-modern multimedia board. General repair of the most apartments.

Stadium "Ltava"

In the picturesque place of Poltava, in a settlement Krutoi Bereg there is another new club stadium. Today there are two soccer fields and a small tribune.
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